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David Pearce

Publisher and Editor

Hi, I’m David  and am the founder of the Clandestine Whisky Club. What originally started as an idea for a magazine has grown into a club and I would love for you to be a part of it!

My Story

My working life started as a sommelier at a Michelin Starred restaurant, before setting up my own wine merchants focussing on high end Australian Wines. This led to a book commision from a major publisher which is turn led me to setting up my own publishing business. In between, I had sold my wine business as I was simply drinking too much of it. I began working as a photographer which was my second love. 

Move on to today and I photograph food and drinks as well as publish cookbooks (because we all need more of those!). My passion though is whisky, and it is something I want to learn more about. By creating this website and bi-monthly magazine I can do just that, and take you on my journey. Clandestine is designed for those with passion that seek out knowlege and experiences. 

My Values & Beliefs


We strongly believe in integrity. We will only write about whisk(e)y we have tasted. These will be a mixture of those sent to us by distilleries and ones we have purchased ourselves. Our reviews can never be bought by the distilleries. 


We promise we will not be influenced by advertisers. We are here for the benefit of our members and will always give an honest appraisal. .

Our connection with you

We believe there are lots of very intelligent whisky lovers out there working in a varierty of profrssions. We want to be a voice that you can relate too so will ask them to write articles for us or be part of our tasting panel. 

My Thoughts

Whisky is brown. Whisky media on the whole is brown. It is just not, well, very exciting and it should be. My aim is to deliver a whisky publication and website that is contemporary and appeals to the modern whisky drinker. People who are happy to buy outside of their comfort zone and who appreciate single cask bottles as much as those from the big distilleries. Those that appreciate whiskies from non-traditional areas as much as Scotland, USA and Japan. 

Members of this club are not afraid to have a whiksy cocktail, experience new flavours and try distilleries from far away. They are thirsty for knowledge. 

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