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The Summerton Whisky Club was established in 2018 by Daniel Humphrey in order to share whisky with his subscribers every 2 months. His ethos is to delight his customers with whisky that is unlikely you would have tried before, and certainly not expressions you will find on the supermarket shelves.  At just £50 every 2 months it is a great way to build your collection and enjoy new whiskeys.

View their Instagram You can view membership options at Summerton Whisky Club

Q. The Summerton Club is a subscription service – does each member receive the same bottle of whisky?
A. Yes, we share the same bottle with everyone. The main thing is we try to keep it a surprise, so everyone can get that feeling of excitement when their delivery arrives on their doorstep and they want to rip it open to find out what’s inside.

Q. How do you source the whisky and how many do you have to turn down simply because there is not enough of it?
A. We talk to distilleries directly, importers and independent bottlers, looking for the unique and generally rarer liquid. Importantly it’s nothing that you would find in the supermarket, we’re looking to share things you won’t have tried before. We’re also looking at a journey that shows off all of the possibilities in the whisk(e)y world, so as well as Scotch single malts, we have shared blue corn whisky, grains and blends, wheated whiskey, Japanese and the World’s first raspberry wine cask finished whisky.
We do have a minimum standard, so there are many whiskies that just don’t make the grade.

Q. What has been your favourite bottle to date excluding the current and next release?
A. That’s like asking which your favourite child is…it can change by seasons, time of day, the mood I’m in. We’ve shared so much great juice, that I can’t just pick one.

Q. What do you look for in a whisky? What is your personal taste?
A. As I mentioned earlier, new experiences are key…I particularly love it when someone says, I would never have chosen this style of whisky but now I have I’m definitely going to have some more.
In my past, I was involved in food development, so learnt how to taste without personal preference being involved. I try to use that now, as I’m not the only one drinking these amazing whiskies. I try to vary the styles and flavour profiles, as if someone isn’t as keen on a bottle, I want them to love the next one. Peat is one I’m trying to find the right balance with as it’s such a polarising style…when I do find the right one, it will be mild so everyone can enjoy.

Q. Are you inundated with samples? If so, what percentage are good enough to make the grade?
A. Some months I could be drinking samples everyday, but I try to limit those arriving to ones I’ve looked into in advance, so I know that they should be what we’re looking for. I often start the process at whisky show, narrowing down what I think would be good for the club and then following up after.

Q. What is your background?
A. I’ve always worked in food and drink, in sales and marketing roles, with a particular fondness for product development. I love my food and drink, so it was an area that has always called out to me. Now I feel honoured to be talking to the people creating amazing whisky as I see their passion for what they do.

Q. How many distilleries around the world have you visited and which stand out?
A. I find standard distillery tours a little boring having spent years in food factories, so only visit when I can get taken around by someone involved in creating the whisky…it’s the passion for what they do that I love. A lot of the younger distilleries stand out, as you can see the time, effort and emotion that has gone into everything they do. I’d recommend finding your nearest small distillery and visiting…it can be magical.

Q. What are your interests outside of whisky?
A. Sport, food and travel are my loves outside of whisky. I explore new places as much as I can, particularly trying the local cuisine. Back home I play for a couple of local sports teams, but don’t take it too seriously, as when I was younger I was lucky enough to represent our country at a couple of sports.

Q. What is your favourite wine?
A. For me wine is linked to memories, so my favourites are from holidays where I’ve visited vineyards, such as Bardolino, La Rioja or Sonoma Valley…I always go for a red. If I had to pick one, it would be a Boschendal Merlot, as we stayed on the estate for a friend’s wedding and as well as being an amazing drop, the memories are so fantastic.