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Suggested Tasting Themes

Beyond The Supermarket
This tasting explores the benefits of spending slightly more to get a big jump in quality.

The Nations
We look at whisky from Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, with a bonus smokey dram from Islay in Scotland.

The Cask Explorers
Finishing whisky in different casks gives a wide variety of flavour profiles. We start with a bourbon cask as a base point and then taste whisky that has been finished in red wine, sherry, port, Madeira and dessert wine.

This is such an exciting area which is far removed from what you commonly find in the supermarkets. Be transported to the USA and explore why Americans are so passionate about it.

For the spice lovers – we taste a selection of Rye whisky from the UK, Scotland, Finland, Canada and the USA.

World Whisky
There is a whole world of whisky beyond Scotland and America. This tasting showcases whisky from Taiwan, India, Australia, Finland, Sweden and Japan.

Curiosities (min 25 people)
Designed for whisky lovers, this tasting sees us open up a variety of whiskies that are largely untried even by us. It might include a Canadian whisky from 1966 or one distilled in Scotland but aged in a Chestnut cask.

Fine and Rare (min 25 people)
Exactly what it says on the tin. You give us a budget (minimum of £1000) and we give a tutored tasting with exceptional whiskies.

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About Our Tastings

Flexibility is key to our offering – and making them fun of course. They can be stand up, sit down, with or without food. They generally last for around 60-90 minutes with 6 whiskies but again this is flexible. We can incorporate a whisky quiz into it based on what we have taught.