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I chat with The Scotch Girl (find her on Instagram here)

What got you into whisky? 
I am Latin American and growing up, I noticed that whenever there appeared to be an “important” conversation the adults were having a “whiskysito” (a little whisky) was in their hands.  It just seemed like a very adult thing to do, and I very much wanted to be an adult. Though when I did try to take a sip at 8 years old, I found it extremely disgusting and thought adults have terrible taste! So though men and women enjoying whisky (usually blended scotch) has always been a part of my culture, I thankfully didn’t get into it until around 23 years old.  I started attending my own “important” adult things and while networking I noticed I didn’t enjoy wine. Whisky didn’t make me feel awful the next day and I actually did like the taste of it. My real passion for it grew when I attended my first Macallan tasting. Being lead through the history of the distillery, the process to create the scotch, the tasting notes, and most importantly the people involved… it just felt like I was home. I could go a year without actually drinking whisky, because what really gets me into a whisky is the history and the people involved; not only those who help to make it, but also those who enjoy it like I do.

What was the first serious bottle you purchased? 
My first serious bottle was The Macallan Edition No. 1. I remember thinking that it was crazy to buy a bottle of anything for $300. I knew I was paying more than it was when it first came out. However, I wish I would have bought a few more at that price considering its now averaging more than $2,500?!

When did you fall in love with GlenDronach? 
The Jack Daniels Guy made me fall in love with The GlenDronach! True story haha! My good friend Henry Infante is the representative for Brown Forman where I live. He usually focuses on Jack Daniels expressions. However, he hosted an amazing dinner pairing The GlenDronach with a Japanese meal. He led us through their core range of the 12, 15, and 18 year olds. During the dinner, the 15 year old was the standout one for me. It paired exceptionally well with the fish I was having. For a while, the 15 year was my go to scotch. Then, during the start of the pandemic in 2020 I hosted my own GlenDronach event via Zoom. While walking everyone through the tasting notes of each… I just kept coming back to the 12 year and realizing how special it was. So, its now my current favorite whisky and the bottle I have the most of at home. 

Do you prefer Scotch over Bourbon? 
I don’t typically combine my whiskies ? . Though I do have my days that I enjoy bourbon, my heart belongs to scotch. 

Do you have any good whisky related drinking stories? 
Yes! I interviewed Richard Paterson on camera when he came to Miami in 2019! I was so nervous and in awe of him that every time he answered my questions my response was “ Oh my God that’s amazing”… because duh, it is! Haha. We ended up sharing a dram of The Dalmore 40 year during the interview. So the camera person still has not given me the footage… its quite frustrating. But its an experience that I will always cherish!

Where is your favourite place to drink whisky? 
My home

How many distilleries have you visited? 
I haven’t been to many, but I am going to Kentucky in August and my ultimate goal is to finally go to Scotland and tour as many as possible!

What is the oldest whisky you have tried? 
That 40 year Dalmore I shared with Richard Paterson

You have launched a cruise along The Kentucky Bourbon Trail in August. Tell me more about that – it sounds incredible!
Its going to be amazing and a fantastic experience! It’s a riverboat cruise, American Voyages The Duchess. Together we will sail through the Mississippi River to explore the bourbon trail in a unique and luxurious way. Not only are we going to visit different distilleries while in Kentucky, but we are also going to have private tastings while on the cruise. 

Will this be the first of many cruises? 
Great question, my hope is that this will be the first of many cruises… stay tuned ? . 

What will your next whisky purchase be? 
So, I am trying hard to hold out until August ( my birthday month). I have a special bottle that I want to purchase and share with friends.

What are some lessons you have learned while being The Scotch Girl?
I created The Scotch Girl five years ago as a way to help make the scotch society I co-founded (Scotch Society 305) more relatable to women. At the time, I just wanted to create more inclusive networking style events which focused on whisky education. I didn’t realize the amazing community and friendships I would create via Instagram. But its also taught me a lot about my own ego, insecurities, and even ways I have held myself back. In many ways, The Scotch Girl has helped me to become a better and stronger professional in my Corporate roles. I no longer feel intimidated to stand in front of a room full of people and speak because of all the events I have led. Not only am I learning about whiskies through this journey, but I am also learning about myself.

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